Animal Hospital in Parrish, Florida

Your pet deserves the best care, and at Ellenton Animal Hospital of Parrish, Florida, we offer just that. We are a full-service animal hospital specializing in surgery, dentistry, pet vaccines, and basic animal care.

Our Services Include:
• Vaccines—We suggest starting your pet at 6, 9, 12, and 16 weeks, then yearly. This helps cats and dogs develop
  strong immune systems from a young age.
• Medical Care—If your pet is sick or limping, bring them to our clinic. We treat issues such as lameness, heart
  disease, diabetes, and cancer.
• Surgery—For more extensive medical issues, we offer surgeries such as routine spays and neuters, orthopedic work,
  and tumor removals.
• Prevention—If your dog is coughing, has a swollen belly, or is weak, then he may have heartworm. Bring him in
  immediately for treatment.

A Family-Owned Clinic since 1984
The veterinarians at Ellenton Animal Hospital have always loved animals, and decided that the best way to show this love was by caring for people's pets in their times of need. We enjoy building relationships with pets and their owners, and getting to know them and watching the two grow up together.

Call the Office for an appointment at (941) 776-1100